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  It would be well for you to lay by your perplexing cares,

and find a retreat in the country.

Health Retreats are where most people take a break from a normal lifestyle to de-stress, be pampered and hopefully, come away from the experience ‘feeling better.’ However, we are more than your average ‘Health Retreat' or wellness centre. We provide a residential Health Education Centre, the purpose being to teach people how to get well and maintain long -term wellness. This is achieved by gaining knowledge of how our bodies operate and how to best care for them so that health is re-gained and maintained in a simple and most enjoyable way. Located in the South West forests of Western Australia, our wholistic wellness centre offers various approaches to natural relief and healing. We serve total vegetarian (vegan diet) and raw plant-based food alongside our interactive workshops, cooking classes, and health lectures. Pair that with hydrotherapy, steam baths, relaxation and therapeutic massage, or other indulging spa experience, and you have the perfect escape for any stressed-out city dweller. Whatever your health goals are, you are sure to find something with your name on it. Come visit our peaceful country-style sanctuary today, take a walk in our organic orchards, and leave all your worries behind.

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Cost of Our Health Programs

Shalem offers the lowest rates for health retreat services in Australia making our program more accessible to those who need it. Our 2022 prices are all-inclusive and the rates are as follows:

5 Night Program

-$1400 pp. Twin Share Accommodation (must book with twin)

-$1950 pp. Single Private Accommodation


-$3000 pp. Twin Share Accommodation (must book with twin)

-$4200 pp. Single Private Accommodation

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Directions to Shalem

Using your Google maps or imaps, it is likely that your first turn off from Manjimup is at cormint road, we advise that you avoid going through this road due to a bridge that may not be safe, so we recommend you continue driving for 5 more minutes until you reach your right-turn at Frosty road where you will see the Shalem sign.
Or you can click on the following link to open up the suggested route on your googlemaps app.

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