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"Empowering Health: Unveiling Nature's Healing Wisdom"

Updated: Jun 16

Education on health principles is more crucial now than ever before. Despite the remarkable advancements in various aspects related to comfort, convenience, sanitation, and disease treatment, there's a concerning decline in physical strength and endurance. This issue demands the attention of everyone who cares about the well-being of others.

Our modern way of life often promotes behaviors that are harmful to our well-being. Customs and trends often contradict natural principles. The habits they encourage gradually weaken both physical and mental health, burdening humanity with immense suffering. Everywhere, we see the consequences: excessive drinking, crime, sickness, and misery.

Many people violate health laws due to ignorance and require guidance. However, a significant portion knows better but still need to understand the importance of applying their knowledge to life. Physicians have numerous opportunities to teach health principles and emphasize their importance through proper guidance. With the right education, they can mitigate the harmful effects of prevailing practices.

One harmful practice that leads to much illness and suffering is the widespread use of harmful drugs. When people fall ill, instead of addressing the root cause, they often seek quick relief from pain and discomfort. They turn to over-the-counter remedies, often unaware of their actual effects, or they consult a doctor for medication without considering changing their unhealthy habits. If one medicine doesn't work, they try another, perpetuating the cycle.

It's essential to understand that drugs don't cure diseases. While they may provide temporary relief and the appearance of recovery, it's often the body's natural resilience that overcomes illness. Drugs may suppress symptoms temporarily but can cause harm in the long term, sometimes manifesting as different illnesses later on.

The indiscriminate use of drugs leads to chronic illness and unnecessary loss of life, while natural healing methods could save many. Many widely used medicines, including those prescribed by doctors, contribute to the development of harmful habits like alcoholism, opioid addiction, and dependence on narcotics, which devastate individuals and communities.

The only way to bring about positive change is through educating people about sound principles. Physicians should teach that true healing power lies in nature, not in drugs. Disease is the body's attempt to rid itself of conditions resulting from violating health laws. When sick, the focus should be on identifying the cause, changing unhealthy behaviors, and assisting the body's natural healing processes.

Source: Ministry of Healing, Chapter 8 (Contemporary English)

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