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Margaret River Mission Group Heads to Shalem Health Retreat

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

The Margaret River Mission Group was borne out of a desire to serve and to bless others with their God given talents. So on the weekend of May 16-18, twelve of us headed over to Shalem Health Retreat near Manjimup to support the Shalem team with some work around the grounds, but found ourselves to be the recipients of blessings.

This article appeared on June 2014 edition of NEWSWEST Magazine.

The plan was always to enjoy Sabbath together with the Shalem team and work on Sunday, but our Sabbath experience was super special. We enjoyed times of spirited

singing, some challenging interactive bible studies, the children enjoyed Sabbath School in the bush studying nature and we all went on a long walk through the forest in the afternoon.

Health talk and simple home remedies demonstrations.

Interspersed among all these were three presentations from Tina Krouse (director at Shalem) who inspired us all with demonstrations of biblical health principles. The talks also included practical demonstrations on hydrotherapy and charcoal applications where the participants had great delight and in some cases wonderful relief. As a result of the talks, we were all encouraged and inspired to apply the biblical health principles and learned that there are simple things we can do at home to relieve pain and suffering.

Shalem Health Director Tina Krouse presenting a health lecture.

It must be said that applying the principle of temperance is made very difficult when such amazingly tasty vegan food was dished up, much of it was resourced from their extensive garden — very impressive. We did get a chance to get our hands dirty on the Sunday before the rain set in. There was plenty to do for all ages and abilities including leaf raking, removing perished netting from the orchard and tree removal.

This was a life changing weekend for some of the members of our group and a blessing to us all. The medical missionary work is powerful and I would encourage our churches to use this wonderful resource by spending some with the Shalem team.

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