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Garden Cottage Renovation

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Beautiful weather, great fellowship and a fun working bee was experienced by all on the June long weekend this year.

The two Godfrey families (Brayden & Racheal and Paul & Tee and their children) and some young men (Enock, Chris and Nick) traveled down from Perth to bless Shalem with their assistance.

After experiencing a beautiful Sabbath together, we commenced work Sunday morning.

The building team, led by Brayden, started work on the small extension to the Garden Cottage.

The Garden Cottage Needing TLC.

Other Works:

  • Paul did some mechanical maintenance to the ride-on lawn mower and the diesel pump.

  • Another team – ladies and children – picked the abundant crop of kiwis, to be stored and sold at a later date.

  • Caleb, Chris and Nick spent time raking the Casuarina pine needles into rows for mulching in the orchard. The yummy food was enjoyed by everyone.

The bathroom section being extended


The Shalem team praises God for the volunteer's time and talents in coming over and appreciated everyone’s efforts, and extend a big thank-you to each person for their help. We look forward to the next working bee.”

How you can help us with the renovation:

  1. If you or know someone with building skills who can help Shalem with our cottage renovation, please let us know and we'll take it from there.

  2. You can offer financial assistance through our donate button here. Thank you


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