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Wholesome Homemade was designed to promote a healthy diet in Australian communities. All recipes are 100% plant-based and and naturally cholesterol free. The cookbook includes bonus sections designed to help you learn how to live the Blue Zones way, grow your own food, and bake gluten free!


Sample recipes

  • Breakfasts: Caramel rice, raspberry chia pudding, date scrolls, breakfast parfait
  • Sweet spreads, sauces and smoothies: Carob date spread, whipped coconut cream, lime cream, cereal coffee frappè
  • Desserts: Sweet potato brownies, carob mousse, no-bake lemon 'cheesecake', walnut wafers
  • Main meals: Falafel balls, sweet potato spinach quiche, creamy broccoli pasta, lentil spaghetti sauce, nacho salad haystack
  • Soups and stews: Red lentil and roast capsicum soup, chunky kaffir lime curry, curried coconut veggies
  • Salads: Hearty quinoa salad, cannellini and green bean salad, coleslaw
  • Savoury spreads, dips and dressings: Black turtle bean dip, basil pesto, roast capsicum dip, cashew mayonnaise

Wholesome Homemade

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