The Shalem Experience

Change your life and take part in our invigorating Lifestyle Medicine Program. In 5 or 12 days, you will  learn how to reduce stress and pain naturally and achieve a healthy balance of mind and body. Let us show you how effective plant-based diet and natural solutions can be and guide you on the path to ultimate health and wellness.

The goal of our entire program is for you to experience what healthy living is all about, so you are inspired to live it at home. We use simple yet powerful health-promoting practices that you can easily do at home with equipment you already own, and use non-expensive natural ingredients that are readily available where you live. We will show you how to get the best exercise without the need for expensive equipment, and our lectures/ workshops will equip you to apply the Lifestyle Medicine principles to your personal context and busy program.

From the food to the activities, everything is designed to suit every fitness level. You will soon feel relaxed, restored, and motivated to live your best life.


Our program includes (5-nights program, double the sessions for 12-nights):

  • Complimentary pick up from Manjimup.

  • Consultations with our Health Director to design a personalised health plan.

  • One hydrotherapy applications: fomentation, spa bath or hot foot bath  as recommended by the Health Director.

  • One massage session, daily steam baths and poultices if required.

  • An optional two day raw food  (juice on Monday and raw solid food on Tuesday) for a therapeutic cleanse.

  • Gourmet vegetarian cuisine made from Shalem's organic seasonal produce when available.

  • Vegetarian Cooking Classes to teach you how to prepare the healing foods.

  • Interactive workshops and health lectures teaching you the principles behind Lifestyle Medicine and how to apply them.

  • Nature walks throughout our 146 acre property and guided walks in our neighboring State Forests.

  • Occupational therapy in our organic orchard for physical and mental gain.

  • Interval training to improve general fitness in the shortest possible time.

  • Take home resources to equip you on your journey to making permanent positive lifestyle changes.

Frequently asked questions

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

'Lifestyle Medicine' is the art of preserving and restoring health through your day to day activities. Our Lifestyle Medicine program, linked with your personalised program and gentle cleansing options ensure that you get the revitalising and rebuilding you need to regain and retain health.

What is the recommended length of stay?

Our Lifestyle Medicine program is offered on a 5-night and 12-night basis. To get the most out of our core program, we recommend a two-week stay.

How much does a stay at Shalem cost?

Shalem offers the lowest rates for health retreat services in Australia making our program more accessible to those who need it. Our prices are all-inclusive and the rates are as follows: 5 Night Program -$1250 pp. Twin Share Accommodation (must book with twin) -$1750 pp. Single Private Accommodation 12 NIGHT PROGRAM -$2750 pp. Twin Share Accommodation (must book with twin) -$3850 pp. Single Private Accommodation

I’ve read the program is all-inclusive. What does it exactly mean?

Shalem rates are all-inclusive, meaning that one flat rate covers all consultations, therapies, workshops and services. However, we are flexible if you chose to get additional sessions of massage or hydrotherapy, you can get additional services for additional fee.

What services are available in the spa?

We offer unique natural remedies such as steam baths (using real steams), full body salt rubs, Swedish massage, hot and cold fomentations, wet sheet packs, fever baths, various poultices and much more.

How big is the property?

We are situated on a 146-acre private expanse surrounded by State forest and overlooks a valley leading down to a tranquil dam hosted by native Australian flora and fauna. We currently have organic citrus, kiwi and stone fruit orchards.

What are our program dates?